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Tutoring for Excellence: Private Reading Tutors in Campbelltown.

Reading is a continuous developmental process.

Children don’t learn to read by osmosis, they must be taught the skills.

Children must read a variety of text types at their "instructional” reading level. Reading texts at this level will result in improvement. The instructional level increases as more reading skills are learned. TIC Tuition in Campbelltown knows how to do this.

As children acquire the skills of reading, this allows them to learn more complex tasks. Like any skill, confidence and fluency increases the more the skill is practised.

To be able to read means you must first be ready to read. Next, you must be able to decode the words in the text you are reading. To be able to decode the words means the reader must possess the necessary phonic skills - knowledge of the sounds of letters, be able to blend sounds into syllables and then blend the syllables within words.

Most importantly, the reader then starts to take meaning from the printed text, which is commonly called comprehension.

Confused? Want to know more about our reading tuition at TIC Tuition in Campbelltown?

If you would like to find out how we do this, you should call Paul and Jenny Carter at TIC Tuition in Campbelltown on 9820 2935. Alternately, you can contact us and we will call you to discuss your child’s needs.

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